A porn­star of cycling, twice­Olympian and punk entrepreneur, plus the personal trainer of photography. Ivan Beltrami, Dido Fontana, could there be a more FUCKING AND PERFECT® collaboration?

They met in 1999 thanks to Virginia Sommadossi – Head of External and Media Relations at Centrale FIES. A “blind triangulation set by the stars” (as Dido describes his first encounter with Ivan) and it was love at first sight.

Dido photographic work looks like Marilyn Manson working out in a gym class from the 70s, a pulp smoothie, mixing up borderline iconographies with his everyday-­life women and men.

Matching Mecki’s communication needs and Ivan’s straight­-to­-the­-point attitude, Dido Fontana’s art shifts into applied art­: raw, sporty, sexy. Brace yourself, Sports Illustrated!

Raw, sexy, provocative, explosive, anti-fashion. More Dido at www.didofontana.com

Mecki's tips and trick: Ivan best­loved Dido picture