The bar is the first Beltrami commercial activity. Aldo Beltrami himself opened it in 1962.

Aldo -Beltrami’s grandfather was an off-beat kind of person. He was a special blend of Primo Carnera’s physique – the 30s Italian actor and boxing champ known as “the Ambling Alp” – and Chef Vissani-style blunt arrogance. Talked about and beloved, he was widely popular in the scene. Had social networks been there, he’d have enjoyed more fans than David Bowie!

Aldo bought a bar far from the village centre, and, even more unconventionally for the 60s- he called it Mecki. Avantguard, in some sense. Comparable to an art installation. Thus, “the Mecki” was born.

1999 was THE year. “Mecki Bar e Tabacchi” was turned into the cutting edge Mecki’s Bike & Coffee®. Close to it, a brand new business was founded: Meckistore® was launched, and along with it the cycling clothing brand Mecki’s | F**king and Perfect Wear®. The new complete re-arrangement thus perfectly fit the updated family needs; the sons’ entry into the family business, their personal interests, sports and bikes above all.

Mecki’s® quickly became an estabilished Italian cycling hub, thanks to the pro technical skills in cycling and running, and of course, to Beltrami’s familiarly welcoming attitude.

Bikes, waves, mountains, wind, shopping, cappuccino, aperitivo, Mery’s toast, some love and, of course, the Beltramis. There is more than a reason why European and Russian cycling addicts gather at Mecki’s®. Be part of the movement.