We have a new friend in Miami. Federico Hausammann, third-generation gallerista, influencer, owner at Hausammann Gallery Miami, the first established International gallery to focus solely on street art. The gallery, hailing from the Wynwood Art District, is groovy, knee deep into street art and bikes (his own Knife fixies). It’s a huge space, a shape-shifting box, painted and re-painted incessantly, with the typical “stars and stripes” promptitude.

Over at his gallery, he’s wearing for us a preview of Mecki’s 2017 cycling socks collection.
So we asked him some questions about himself, how to enjoy the best of a burgeoning city like Miami, and how to make the most of your next -bicycle- visit of Art Basel Miami.
Shot by Dido Fontana.

(Testo originale in italiano qui)

Mecki’s. The first artwork you got yourself
Federico. A Mike Giant poster, when I was very little .

The first you got for your gallery
F. eheheheh…. everything is always for sale ;)

The “textbook” artist you wish you had represented
Roy Lichtenstein

Your mother’s name

I love you Less & Less. Who do you sing it to?
My no-longer beloved Italy


Stocazzo | MEC KI’S Q-SKIN | Left – Right | Put-On System | Made In Italy

How did you meet Mecki
Thanks (and due) to Dido

Your favorite smell

Wine, beer or coke

The best way to waste your talent
Not trying at all (even if you know you’d kick ass)

What sets your soul on fire
There are way too many things to pick one…

Your sleep outfit
Sweatpants, can’t go without

Your fetish piece of clothing
An uber-old Bastard tank top. I’d rather kill myself than throw it.




StumpVille | MEC KI’S Q-SKIN | Left – Right | Put-On System | Made In Italy

The best place to bike to
Anywhere!!! They’ve got bike lane all over the place, the scenery is stunning, but watch out for drivers, they have no conception of “BIKE FRIENDLINESS”… :-(

Best spot for breakfast
Enriqueta – 186 NE 29th St, Miami, FL 33137

A must-buy
Rollin’ paper

The picture to take
Key Biscayne

The next cool neighbourhood to keep an eye on
Little River

Art Basel Miami: quick and dirty


4 days, 269 of the world’s leading Modern and contemporary art galleries, over 4,000 artists, 70,000 visitors.
(December 1 – 4, 2016)

Watch, drink, eat. We’ve only got half a day and we wanna spend it on a bicycle.  Give us 3 can’t-miss places from Federico Hausamann for the Art Basel days.
Art. Basel… Ok… if you’e on a bike and you only got half a day roam around Wynwood and go get Miami’s best hamburger at KUSH (2003 North Miami Avenue Wynwood, FL 33127), with craft beers of all kinds.

Ever been to Torbole?
Nope… but I’m sure it’s rad!!

Then we’re waiting for you.


F&P Black | MEC KI’S Q-SKIN | Left – Right | Put-On System | Made In Italy

“I would never hang something in my gallery that I wouldn’t hang in my home.”
Federico Hausammann who, along with his sister Beatrice, represents the third generation of this family operation which began in the Italian Alps of Cortina d’Ampezzo. It’s like “For Love& Money”. Art at hausammanngallery.com, bikes at www.knife-bike.com, spray paints at www.loopcolors.com. Federico doesn’t stop even in his sleep. So stay tuned.

Thank you Federico